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About The Haitian Star, K-Dilak 

Revealed in 2016 with the release of the hit “Pa gad ale m,” K-Dilak has brought fresh blood to the Haitian music scene since the release of his first success.
A child from Miragoâne, K-Dilak is a Haitian rapper, singer, and songwriter of Konpa, Kizomba, reggae, reggaeton, and bachata. With his real name Joubite Dessalines, K-Dilak was born on April 7th, 1993 in Chalon, south of Miragoâne. During his adolescence, he showed little interest in music. At 6 years old, he went to Port-au-Prince to pursue classical studies. It was only when he decided to leave the south of the Capital to join Miragoâne in 2009 that K-Dilak decided to devote himself to this form of artistic expression. It was there, in his small town, that he discovered a true passion for music. Initially attracted to freestyle rap, K-Dilak surrounded by friends, gradually moved towards music in 2008 and was then part of RAS a hip-hop collective in his neighborhood.

When K-Dilak was in Carrefour

In 2016, K Dilak left Chalon to settle permanently in Carrefour. A few months after settling there, he left the RAS group to prioritize a solo career. The singer, originally from Chalon to Miragoâne, quickly realized that he was capable of using his voice and writing talent to “make a career.” The same year, he became popular with the hit “Pa gad ale m,” a reggae song that reminds us that “there is no silly job.” He seeks to make known and highlight “amazing” jobs that are practiced in the world today and that reflect the needs of the society in which they are practiced. With this song, K-Dilak began to talk about himself among the initiated.

This passage is talking about K-Dilak's musical career and how he has diversified his musical style by incorporating Afropop elements into his music.

How ever, eager for new songs (and new successes), K-Dilak continues his musical ascent by releasing projects including “Papa ede m,” “Yap kenbe,” “Tou prè mwen.” Then, he offers some prestigious collaborations. He can be found, among others, alongside Mikaben, on the reggae title “Yo ale” (2017), a song that deals with brain drain. K-Dilak sounds the alarm on the immigration of qualified Haitian young workers that puts a heavy burden on a country already rare in human capital. K Dilak also collaborates with singer Misty Jean on “Ban m verite” (2020) and Buteau Jean Garmel on “Yo pa kapab ankò” (2020). The two artists choose, through this title, to defend the rights of children in a state of wandering commonly referred to in Haitian jargon as “Ti kokorat,” which translates to “street children” in French. The video reaches the 3 million view mark on YouTube in less than two months.

K-Dilak adept at various musical genres

Fortunately, K-Dilak is familiar with different types of music and has lots of experience with them. He is able to incorporate various musical elements and styles into his own music and is not limited to a specific genre or style. This suggests that he is open-minded and versatile in his approach to music-making.

Possessing a diverse musical palette, K-Dilak, without denying his roots, makes a successful Afropop turn as evidenced by the success of his compositions “Fo pwomès” feat. Bedjine, “M pap padone w,” “Ou fè m,” and “Ban m verite.” In August 2019, the child from Miragoâne thus gives a second wind to his career by choosing Muller Desravines (Muller 509) and Jerry Mondésir, respectively manager and assistant manager, to represent and manage his career in music.”

A musical inspiration rooted in love and the female experience

K-Dilak manages to conquer a large part of the female population with songs each telling the story of a couple in everyday life. The love story between women and the artist began in 2018, with the release of the song “M pap pran sa nan men w” tinged with reggaeton. Since then, the Miragoannais loves to approach all aspects of romantic relationships. To better present a realistic vision of conjugal relationships, K-Dilak hires the services of Bedjine, whose real name is Marie Bedjine Love David, while offering her a great platform in their duo. The two stars form the perfect chemistry in “Pouki n te marye.” This song became an even more significant success upon its release and was also carried by its music video, which features the two performers sharing their life without erotic desire. In just four weeks, the video cumulates an astounding total of 4 million views on YouTube. With this title, K-Dilak reaches an increasingly wide audience and his hits are sung by all young people in Haiti.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, 2020 was a successful year for K-Dilak. Despite the global situation, he was recognized for his contributions to the music scene and awarded “Male Artist of the Year” by the MAGHAITI Media Group, “Urban Music Singer” of the year by Ticket Magazine, “Best Male Solo Artist” by Ayiti Biyografi and “Male Artist of the Year” by The Prestigious Haitian Music Awards (PHMA).

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